Monday, February 12, 2007


Well, we have just been informed that we can no longer sand in 98c but, we can store the body in the same place and we can sand outside on the back pad that is covered. Dr. Tester was investigating our facilities needs to make sure we are well accommodated and found that by sanding anywhere in 98c, there is no way to stop any and all contaminants from spreading throughout the entire bldg.

So, long story short, any sanding will be done on the back pad at 98c and we can still store everything as before. We just need to make sure we clean up after any sanding is done on the back pad.

Dr. Tester also wanted us to know that this in no way reflects badly on our team (we did not get “in trouble” for sanding in the bldg) and our efforts bringing an entirely new team to a competition for the first time for NAU is an inspiration to the college.


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