Saturday, December 16, 2006

Updates and Winter Break Meeting

Well, Fianls are over and the winter break has began, Mike and Lauren have been doing a lot of work for Supermileage to make sure we keep up momentum and get things accomplished over winter break. Here is an update from Lauren...

We have our $2,000 donation
and have received a decent amount of supplies from Home Depot to get
the mold going. Mike has a key to the engineering bldg and room 117,
the room in which we will be working on it. Lauren is waiting on keys for
98C, however this will not include the machine shop which we don't
imagine we will need too much. Dr. Tester said he is willing to open
up the shop for us anytime we need as well.
Mike & Lauren successfully got the Eco Marathon registration packet out
to them this week. Lauren is about to register us for SAE Supermileage as
soon as site is up and running (it is down due to upgrades).
Has anyone received any info on our $600 sponsor from Sauder, Miller &
Associates? That should be in soon. We are still waiting to hear from
other potential sponsors.

About three weeks ago at our meeting we wrote out a schedule of how
things need to be done in order for our car to be ready by April (Eco
Marathon), and for December we need to have the following done:

Seating Position
Steering Designed

We'll be having our first winter break meeting this Sunday, December 17 in the internet cafe in the engineering building at 4PM. Especially now that we have some capital at our disposal, we need to make things happen. Untill this point the weight of the project has really been on Mike, Morgan, and Lauren and the rest of us need to step up to the plate to get things done. In short, please show up to the meetings and be prepared to contribute and as Lauren has stated previously in email, if you dont' participate, if you don't do the work, you dont' get the rewards, you dont' go to the competitions. I know soemtimes "free time" just seems like an illusion but, this whole project can not rest on three people....